National Wilderness Conference

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Register for the National Wilderness Conference, pre-conference training, field trips, the People's Wilderness Film Gala and other events online. The registration fee is $350 or $175 for students, seniors, and seasonals. Speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors also receive discounted rates.

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What: The National Wilderness Conference program - the first national gathering of the wilderness community in 25 years - will be filled with diverse plenary sessions, presentations, panels, exhibits, field learning, and skill development workshops, all culminating in the public, outdoor 'Get Wild' Festival.

Pre-conference training, field trips, K-12 Wilderness Investigations Teacher Workshops, and the People's Wilderness Film Gala are offered before and after the conference.

The companion Wilderness Celebration Exhibition will showcase organizational booths surrounding the Wilderness Awareness Trail for grade- and middle-school students and will be open to the public for one day in addition to conference attendees.

When: Conference occurs October 15-19; 'Get Wild' Festival occurs October 18; the People's Film Gala has two showings scheduled for October 14 and 19; audience-specific pre-conference trainings will be offered October 14-15; field trips to New Mexico wilderness areas and cultural sites include multi-day trips (backpacking), day trips (hiking, floating, canoing, cultural tours) and half-day trips (hiking, biking, canoing, cultural tours) and are available before and after the conference.

Where: Hyatt Regency Albuquerque (conference), Albuquerque Convention Center (exhibitors), adjacent Civic Plaza (festival), and the historic KiMo Theater (film gala) in Albuquerque, NM

Program: Download the full National Wilderness Conference program and track abstracts.

Register: Register online. Rates:

  • Full conference registration: $350
  • Full conference registration for seniors (55 or older)/students/seasonals: $175
  • Pre-conference training + Full conference registration: $400
  • Pre-conference training + Full conference registration for seniors (55 or older)/students/seasonals: $200
  • 1-Day conference registration for Thursday: $125
  • 1-Day conference registration for Friday: $125
  • Pre-conference training only: $75

Field trips and tickets for the People's Wilderness Film Gala are not included in the above prices. You can register for field trips along with your conference registration. Film Gala tickets can be purchased online or at the door through the KiMo Theater box office.