Surrounding Area

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Albuquerque is a distinctive locale surrounded by beautiful Wilderness, is a place that offers a unique multi-cultural perspective of the wild experience, and is located on the historic "Route 66".

Visiting Albuquerque allows you to experience the authentic Southwest. This multicultural city is home to Native American, Hispanic, Latino and Anglo cultures, for which New Mexico is well known, as well as strong African American, Asian, Middle Eastern and other ethnic community influences, creating a unique and modern Southwestern blend. In fact, more than 70 different ethnicities call Albuquerque home.


As a diverse culinary destination, Albuquerque boasts a wide variety of restaurants sure to suit any foodie. The star ingredient in many dishes is the chile pepper, the state fruit. Harvested in the late summer while still green, the long, narrow peppers are served freshly roasted and peeled, or frozen for use throughout the year. Most commonly, green chiles are made into a spicy sauce that's ladled over enchiladas, burritos and stuffed sopaipillas. Albuquerque is one of the best culinary destinations with mom 'n pop restaurants offering green chiles fried into rellenos, piled on top of cheeseburgers, stuffed into breakfast burritos and made into a satisfying stew with hearty chunks of potato. Red chiles, left on the plants to ripen to a deep garnet color, are strung into ristras to dry. These dried red chiles are rehydrated and pureed into a velvety smooth sauce that adorns huevos rancheros, tamales and enchiladas—served stacked, not rolled.

Museums, Art Galleries, and Zoos

For an introduction to New Mexico's 19 Pueblos, visit the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center which offers information and resources on Native American culture, history and art. At the National Hispanic Cultural Center, visitors can learn about the Day of the Dead traditions, see world-class flamenco performances and enjoy other cultural events. Albuquerque's Museum of Art and History has exhibits on the city's origins as a Spanish colonial village and includes artworks in all traditions, from the works of indigenous peoples to Spanish colonial art to cutting-edge modern installations. The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is dedicated to preserving and interpreting the distinctive natural and scientific heritage of New Mexico, including exhibits that focus on a walk through geologic time showcasing billions of years of New Mexico history. Albuquerque also has the BioPark's Botanic Garden, Zoo, Aquarium and Tingley Beach fishing lakes. The Wheels Museum chronicles the history and impact of transportation on New Mexico. Only an hour away in Santa Fe, the Leonora Curtin Wetlands Preserve is hosting an artists reception on Sunday October 19th, 1-4 pm, to showcase sculptural artworks using natural wild-crafted materials in sites along the main path in the wetlands. Home to more than 100 art galleries and studios, Albuquerque offers a variety of fine art, authentic Southwestern jewelry, pottery and contemporary art. Year after year, Albuquerque is ranked as a favorite arts destination by American Style magazine.

Outdoor Activities

When visiting Albuquerque, expect sunshine, 310 days of sunshine per year, to be exact. Its weather and location make Albuquerque perfect for outdoor activities and makes it the hot air ballooning capital of the world. Outdoor activities include:

Albuquerque is surrounded by a variety of wilderness areas that are within a few hours drive, at most, and offer hiking, backpacking, and wildlife viewing opportunities that visitors can engage in on their own time. One organized local event at Bandelier National Monument near Los Alamos is Bandelier Wilderness Day on October 20, 2014 and includes guided hikes, a photography class, and a movie viewing.


While visiting Albuquerque at night, you'll notice the city is bathed in the glow of neon signs, relics of Albuquerque's place on historic Route 66. Downtown and Nob Hill nightlife includes an international theater, tango and salsa dancing, pubs, breweries, wine bars, and billiards. A variety of casinos also surround the metropolitan area.