'Plan an Event' Toolbox

Interested in hosting or organizing a 50th anniversary event? Get started with information and educational resources for planning local or regional events celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act in 2014. If you have materials to suggest for inclusion, please contact Lisa Ronald at lisa.ronald@wilderness50th.org.

When you've planned your event, add it to the map and calendar.

General Information


Now that the 50th anniversary year is over, various reports have been released outlining success measures and accomplishments during 2014. Some of these reports are specific to one particular organization's events and projects; others are inclusive of a variety of successes. Please contact Lisa Ronald, Communications Coordinator, if you have a report from you agency that you would like listed here.

Monthly Webinars

On the first Wednesday of each month at 11am PST from January to July, Wilderness50 hosted webinars for anyone planning, organizing or hosting a 50th anniversary community event. Some webinars addressed particular topics; others were information sharing opportunities to learn from the experiences of others.

Official 50th Anniversary Logo

Wilderness50 is encouraging event hosts and organizers to use the official 50th anniversary logo, designed to universally brand the 50th anniversary. The logo zip file contains .gif, .jpg, .pdf, .eps, and .png formats in high and low resolution. Read the use guide for guidance on which file format will be best for your intended use. Letterhead is also provided using the logo. The fonts used in the logo are Trajan Pro and Adobe Garamond Pro. There are no restrictions on the use of the 50th anniversary logo, however, it is recommended that any revenue generated from the sale of items bearing the logo (such as t-shirts, for example) be used to support 50th events. Should you have questions about using the logo for particular purposes, please contact Lisa Ronald, Wilderness50 Commmunications Coordinator.

Other states including Alaska, Utah, Nevada, New York, and Virginia have also designed state-specific 50th anniversary logos.

Events and Event Ideas

This online idea mill is a place where anyone can suggest and vote on ideas for how to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Other event ideas are included below:


Here are several examples of 50th anniversary banners.

This black and white banner of the 50th anniversary logo was designed by the Forest Service Region 8 and printed by Georgia Printco, 866-572-0146. Contact Georgia Printco for reprints; contact Jimmy Gaudry, jcgaudry@fs.fed.us, for questions about this banner.

These digital proofs of 4-color 24" x 36" (#49244a) and 72" x 36" (#49241) banners that include the 50th anniversary logo and all four wilderness-management agency shields were produced by the Forest Service Region 2. The larger banner also says "Walk for Wilderness" at the top. Contact Ralph Swain, rswain@fs.fed.us for information about the banners. Note that these banners use the old BLM logo. When using these templates, be sure to use the new BLM logo.

Contact FastSigns for reprints of the 4-color banners:

FastSigns Lakewood
1000 South Wadsworth Blvd. Suite I
Lakewood, CO 80226

Branding Iron

This 5.5" x 3" branding iron was purchased by the Cibola National Forest to brand biscuits for next year's Wilderness50 'Get Wild' Festival in Albuquerque, NM. The iron was purchased from:

L & H Branding Irons
410 6th Street SE
P.O. Box 639
Mandan, North Dakota 58554

Phone: 701-663-9821
Toll Free: 800-437-8068

Fax: 701-663-0401
Toll Free: 800-522-7091

E-mail: sales@lhbrandingirons.com


Commemorative Art Print/Poster

Monte Dolack, a Montana-based, internationally-acclaimed artist was commissioned to produce this art print commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act. Individual orders can be placed online through Charitable Payment Processing.

The Poudre Wilderness Volunteers (PWV) has partnered with John Fielder, Colorado's best known nature photographer, who has contributed his stunning photographs to produce a beautiful Colorado wilderness poster that includes each of the 43 Wilderness Areas in Colorado. Posters are sold individually or wholesale with special pricing available to non-profit groups, including government agencies. Here are details on pricing and ordering: The pricing is $7.50 for normal posters and $50 for the limited edition; With this pricing, the request is for orders to be at least 25 posters; For groups with a tax-exempt certificate, no sales tax will be charged; The are 2 options for shipping costs 1) USPS Shipping: $5 for up to 5 posters in a sturdy cardboard container or 2) No Shipping - Manual Pickup: The purchaser will be contacted to figure out how to arrange pickup.

Community Wilderness Quilt or Flag

Working with schools, school classes, church or bible study groups, scouts or other youth groups is a great and creative way to honor a local wilderness area, particularly if you live near one of the 50-year-old wilderness areas designated by the 1964 Wilderness Act. The quilt, or flag, is essentially a large-scale map of the wilderness (complete with forests, lakes, trails, topo lines and/or other details) that is cut into squares, which are decorated, adorned, sketched, and/or painted by classes or groups in the community. The individual squares are pieced back together for display, showing both the whole wilderness and the individual creativity of the square artists.

Use these step-by-step instruction, complete with pictures, to lay out your quilt or flag.

Contest, Essay

An essay contest is a great way to engage youth in original, creative, articulation of wilderness values. The Montana Wilderness Association and Friends of Scotchman Peaks Wilderness are two groups that have conducted essay contests in the past, so contact these groups for additional guidance.

Contest, Photography

The "Wilderness Forever" national photography contest is acception entries from May 6 - Sept. 3 2013. If you're interested in conducting a state or local 50th photography contest, use these templates.


National 50th anniversary displays are now available for reservation. Reservations will be taken first-come-first-serve. Fill out the reservation form and email it to 50th anniversary student intern Ian Davidson, 602-639-0867. NOTE: These displays are meant for use at discrete events, not for months at a time. We will not accept reservations for longer than 1 month and, depending on demand, may choose to shorten longer reservations in order to accomodate other requests. If you need a display for months, you can purchase your own using the raw design files from which these displays were produced. To obtain these files, please contact Josh Hammari.

Other local or state display examples will also be catalogued here including this draft portable pop-up display of Utah Wildernesses that could be used for the 50th and beyond. The center panel could be removed for use after 2014. Pop-ups run about $150-200 each depending on height/width and quality.

Educational Products

Purchase various merchandise branded with the 50th anniversary logo from our CafePress site. You can also purchase educational products from the Arthur Carhart National Wilderness Training Center including stickers, bookmarks, lanyards, hand sanitizer, backpack towels, bandanas, rite-in-the-rain notebooks.

Additional education plans and products, including the Wilderness Explorer Junior Ranger Program Activities and Adventures Book, Certificate, Materials Set, and Patch (order patches from Tammy Cox at Carolina Emblem Company, 864-468-4963, tammy@carolinaemblem.com) can be found in the Interpretation and Education Toolbox on Wilderness.net.

Volunteers and staff at Girl Scouts Heart of Central California have created an older girls badge series to give girls an opportunity to learn about the Wilderness Act, the importance of wilderness and its preservation, explore possible environmental careers, complete a journey or earn a badge, and create a Take Action project in their community.

First Aid Kit

Forest Service Rangers are required to carry first aid supplies. These first aid kits include not only the agency shield, but information about the 50th anniversary. Order them from Western Heritage directly from their catalog, $40/each, minimum order of 50, 1-800-303-5703.

Information Cards

Business-style information cards are a self-printable useful handout at events, meetings, conferences, workshops and trainings. Side 1 contains information about wilderness; Side 2 contains information about the 50th anniversary. Print these on pre-perforated business card stock template paper (Avery 8376 or similar, 10 cards/sheet), on a color printer for best results.

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace (LNT) is a natural fit with the 50th anniversary of wilderness. LNT outdoor ethics were initially developed in response to increased interest in and use of wilderness in the 1970s, and are even more important today. LNT is a broad national ongoing effort on all public lands, led by the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics. LNT programs and services include: online LNT awareness training, sale of LNT educational materials, and the ability to request that an LNT travelling trainer team visit your 50th event (submit requests at least four months in advance).


In partnership with Faircount Media Group, Wilderness50 published a 50th anniversary commemorative wilderness magazine that was sent to Senators, Congressmen and State Governors.


Official 50th Anniversary Map
The USGS recently printed an official wilderness map for the 50th anniversary. Digital copies of the front and back are available online. Bulk printed copies were given to all wilderness management agency offices (BLM, FWS, FS, NPS) as well as to interested Wilderness50 partners to distribute at community events during 2014.

Other Map Examples
Region, state, trail, or topic-specific wilderness maps, including this map of wilderness areas along the Pacific Crest Trail can be produced using GIS wilderness boundaries from Wilderness.net.

Large Format Maps for Local Community Event Hosts
Through a generous donation by MyTopo, a company that prints custom maps, local event hosts can get one free 5 x 8 or 4 x 5 foot map to use at their event. There are only 45 total available, so no more than one per person. Simply go onto the MyTopo website, create your custom map of whatever area you want, and use the code "Wilderness50TY" during checkout.

Coupons for Backcountry Maps
MyTopo has also donated online coupons for discounts on their wilderness maps. Visit the MyTopo website, create your custom maps of whatever areas you want, then use the code "Wilderness50" during checkout to receive a 30% discount on your purchase.

Museum/Airport/Visitor Center Exhibit

Museums, airports, and visitor centers are high-traffic areas that can be used to present educational exhibites about wilderness. Use this request template to approach area museums, airports, or visitor centers about securing exhibit space in 2014 (do this early, even if you do not have a clear idea yet of what the display will contain).


Many organizations offer outings to get members of the public out in wilderness to do field or volunteer work or simply to enjoy the outdoors. Although developed by the Sierra Club, it's easy to adapt this outings worksheet for your outing leaders and participants.


These examples of adult placemats and child placemats were designed and printed by the Forest Service, Region 2, for use in the region. Contact Ralph Swain, rswain@fs.fed.us, (303) 275-5058.

Pins/Patches/Medallions/Badge Magnets

50th anniversary logo pins, patches, walking stick medallions, vinyl decals and badge magnets are available in wholesale quantities from Eagle River Designs all year long.


The following PowerPoints have been developed for use at events or as events themselves.

Puppet Show

Idaho Puppet Theater! has a new travelling children's show called Happy Birthday, Wilderness! that can be incorporated into any 2013 or 2014 50th anniversary event. In the show, wildlife characters native to different parts of the United States have received invitations to a birthday party for wilderness. As they meet others along the way, they realize how different wilderness areas can be from each other. It takes a lot of comedy and a little bit of wisdom for the characters to find the right party. This is an interactive performance, with the audience helping the characters figure out what- and where- their local wilderness actually is. Each show features puppets created especially for IPT! (like Boulder, the Mountain Goat), up to 10 puppet performers, and a portable curtained stage with an optional stage canopy. Contact IPT! for more information:
Idaho Puppet Theatre! LLC
876 Comeback Bay Lane
Sagle, Idaho 83860

Bonnie@IdahoPuppets.com, 208.597.5206
Kristin@IdahoPuppets.com, 208.721.2583


  • Wilderness Jeopardy or Wilderness Quiz
    These make great ice-breakers or can be used as fun activities at conferences or events.
  • Wilderness Trivia
    Set this to auto-run and use it as filler to entertain groups before the start of a conference, event or film.

Reading List

Teachers, booksellers and libraries are encouraged to use wilderness-related reading materials for adults and young people that include non-fiction and also wilderness-connected fiction.


Speakers can be featured, either independently, or as part of a larger event, such as a Walk for Wilderness. Many organizations have speakers bureaus. One speaker to consider is:
Doug Scott
Wilderness Historian
(253) 204-9552


Several companies produce 50th anniversary stickers. You will need to contact the company you want to order from to facilitate orders and to get up-to-date wholesale pricing.

Here is pricing information from Custom Sticker Makers for a 1.93" x 3" sticker of the 50th anniversary logo that was produced by the BLM in Nevada.
100 qty - $25.00
250 qty - $28.95
500 qty - $57.90
1000 qty - $115.80
2500 qty - $289.50
plus shipping/handling
Custom Sticker Makers, 1-800-313-5463. For more information about the sticker artwork, contact:
S. Gus Malon
Wilderness Planner
Ely District BLM

Eagle River Designs' 50th logo vinyl decals are also available in wholesale quantities all year long.

Toolbox for Wilderness Education

This Wilderness Education Toolbox information is offered primarily as an idea for other agency units to consider, but can be borrowed by partners. The Toolbox contains materials for use by Forest Service employees, partners, and volunteers in wilderness and Leave No Trace information and education efforts. Organizations located near the George Washington & Jefferson National Forests in central and southwest Virginia who are interested in borrowing a Wilderness Education Toolbox should contact their local Ranger District office.


Full-Length Videos and Films

There are a variety of wilderness-related videos and films that have been produced in the past 30 years. Use this wilderness audio/video catalog to select a video or film by category, subject, year, audience, length etc. All videos and films have been reviewed for educational and entertainment value and source information is provided for each.

Specifically produced for the 50th by the Forest Service, Untrammeled is a 30-minute film available online.

Short Online Videos

American University communications students produced the following PSAs: The National Park Service is producing a series of 3-5 minute YouTube videos about wilderness. Play any of these videos before your event, as an introduction, or during breaks. The National Park Service Harpers Ferry Center produced the following interview clips: The National Park Service in Alaska produced this video documenting the removal of oil barrels using traditional dog sleds.

The Friends of Mount Evans and Lost Creek Wildernesses produced this video on how 50th anniversary crosscut saw cookies are made.

Northern Arizona University students produced a 50th promotional video of student voices.

The Forest Service produced this series of video interviews on:

The Bureau of Land Management's Utah office produced the following video series:

Walk For Wilderness

During the 40th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, the most popular and prevalently-held event was the "Wilderness Walk." Use this emailable/printable Wilderness Walk Planning Guide to host a wilderness walk in your community. The guide provides valuable advice on everything from selecting a site to engaging partners in an easy-to-read format. Not sure what a wilderness walk entails? Watch this 5-minute YouTube video from a 40th anniversary Walk for Wilderness in Evergreen, Colorado. Also, here's an example of a 72" x 36" banner that include the 50th anniversary logo, all four wilderness-management agency shields, and says "Walk for Wilderness" at the top (see more information above under "Banners").

One kid-friendly activity to include as part of your wilderness walk is a quiz. Six poster with pictures of wilderness areas contain information about wilderness. Kids are given a quiz sheet near the beginning of the walk, turn them in at the end for the correct answers and a prize.

Water Bottle

A limited number of Klean Kanteen water bottles were produced by the Bureau of Land Management in California. The BLM logo appears on the back. These bottles were purchased from Klean Kanteen through their co-branding program. Water bottles bearing the 50th logo can also be purchase from CafePress, however, CafePress is not intended for large wholesale orders.

Wilderness Ranger Cookbook

In 1990, the Forest Service produced the first-ever Wilderness Ranger Cookbook. For the 50th anniversary, the cookbook will be redone and expanded to include recipes from all four wilderness management agencies, from any wilderness ranger, wilderness volunteer or resource specialist who works in congressionally designated wilderness. Cooksbooks will be sold beginning in the fall of 2014 and at the National Wilderness Conference.


Use the following advice and templates from a 50th Community Event Media Training to get good press for your events: Pitching Tips and Principles, Interview Tips, Advisory Example/Template, How to Write and Distribute a Press Release, Press Release Example/Template.

Post your events on the official 50th website map/calendar and share your events on Wilderness50's various social media channels:

For a broader marketing perspective, view this marketing wilderness powerpoint.